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Best Restaurants in the World – Mama’s

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Aloha. As part of my bucket list, I would like to dine at as many world-famous

restaurants as I can. One notable place is on the island of Maui with a very

unassuming name, Mama’s Fish House Restaurant. Listed as top ten in the US by trip advisor and I recall seeing some type of review claiming the best seafood in the Pacific.

I read about this restaurant in a 71-page book (booklet?) entitled Maui, Ten ways to enjoy

options, the author zeros in on the best things found on multiple trips to the

island. He mentions that he saves this restaurant for his last night on the island.

Implying that this restaurant will be a fitting last meal on the island. I must say

Mama’s did not disappoint.

When my family and I was there (for our last night in Maui) the menu listed 5

Catch of the Day fish from 5 different fisherman by name. This was in addition to

the wonderful offerings of the regular menu. The business is a large and efficient

operation offering a uncrowded, relaxed island feel.

To be sure, Maui has many fine restaurants, but they all seem to specialize. As an

example, many have excellent Ahi Tuna recipes, others specialty drinks, etc. It

seems Mama’s does it all at once. Aloha ahiahi (Good evening).


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