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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Mraz has over 35 years of research, development and management experience in encompassing Computational Science, Smart Grid Infrastructure, High Performance Supercomputing Architectures, Message Passing Interfaces, Distributed Systems, Shared Memory Architectures, Operating Systems, Control Theory, and Information Assurance.


My teaching experience centered in Cyber-Security, High Performance Computing (HPC), Computational Science, Computer Architecture, Computer Organization, Software Engineering, Machine Learning and Operating Systems.

Ronald Mraz Bio Image

BS, 1980, Electrical Engineering, Drexel University

MS, 1984, Electrical Engineering, Syracuse University

Ph.D., 1992, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, (IBM Full-time Fellowship)

Thesis topic: “A RISC-Based Architecture for Real-Time Computation”. Thesis Committee: Jay K. Strosnider, John P. Shen, Zary Segall and Gabriel Silberman.



US Coast Guard Academy (USCGA), Full-Time Lecturer. New London, CT. Fall 2018 to 2020. Department of Electrical Engineering and Cyber Systems. Undergraduate level Instruction in Introduction to Information Security, Software Engineering, Introduction to Computing and Machine Learning.

IBM, Yorktown, NY. Research Staff Member. As a logic designer, developed memory sub-systems for high performance main-frame systems. As an RSM Scientist I researched, High Performance Computing (HPC) Architectures and Message Passing System interfaces for shared memory (PVS and AS/400) and distributed memory systems (RP3 and Vulcan). Additionally, partnered with Argonne National Labs for a scalable media server incorporating a zero-copy I/O interface (ZATM). Hired as a logic designer in 1984 and promoted to RSM in 1992. 1984-2005.

The University at Albany (SUNY), Adjunct Professor. Albany, NY. Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, Computer Science Department. Graduate level instruction in Computer Organization and Operating Systems.

Owl Computing Technologies, Inc. Board Chairman, President, CEO, CTO and Founder. (Now Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC, a DC Capital Partners portfolio company) Owl Computing markets and sells special purpose internet firewalls with the security policies enforced by a hybrid HW/SW system. The company was acquired by in 2017 by DC Capital Partners. 1998- April 2017.

Awards and Professional Associations

IEEE Senior Member Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and Association for Computing Machinery
CT Quality Innovation Awards in 2009 and 2010. Award recognitions based on the Malcolm Baldrige criteria.
Multiple Group, innovation and IBM Research Division Patent Issue and Filing Awards.
IBM Fellowship to study full time (3 years) at Carnegie Mellon University. (1989 - 1992)
IBM Fellowship to study full time at Syracuse University.

A complete list of publications, Awards and 55 US patents in the areas of computer architecture, operating systems, networking and information assurance listed in the CV and LinkedIn pages.

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