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My angel, early stage and start-up investments are listed below.

Investment guidelines

I choose to invest in early stage opportunities that are using technology to enhance efficiencies of traditional established industries. This can be done in two ways. One way is to actually provide the product or service and use technology for improved efficiency to customers. (B2C) The second is to provide a service to established industries that utilizes technology to improve bottom line results. (B2B)


STACE is a No-Fee commerce platform that empowers restaurateurs, retailers and service providers with the tools that they need to sell in store and online. Our mission is to remove all barriers, and empower entrepreneurs to build the future.


Renu Robotics

Renu Robotics applies technology to everyday applications that promote renewable energy, clean technology, and improving the environment. They do this through partnerships with customers and vendors realizing they can't do this alone, but together they make a difference.



Laundris provides Digital Linen services for Hotels, Corporate, and Short Term Rentals. This is done by providing smart IoT-enabled systems with automated processes for efficient ordering and tracking, predictable billing, reporting and analytics on utilization. Their primary goal is leveraging technology to provide an enhanced and rewarding customer experience.



Macroband is an Austin based meal service structured to help you reach your goals through nutrition. The company provides the tools and structure to personalize and manage customer meals to fit anyone’s lifestyle, goal or workout regimen. 


Cerebri AI

Cerebri AI develops and sells the most sophisticated customer experience (CX) platform in the world that measures customer engagement and uses these values to drive customer success and financial results. Their CV/CX v2 platform is a leap forward in applying artificial intelligence methods to derive insights from customer journeys and making recommendations that drive engagement and results. 


NextGen Venture Partners

NextGen Venture Partners, a young, Washington, D.C.-based venture firm that's quarterbacked by a handful of investors but fueled financially by a network of hundreds of part-time investors who help with its portfolio.

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